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The growth in energy consumption and the increase in electric power rates have turned preservation practices from a sporadic concern to an essential part of the everyday planning of companies and facilities.

Implementing preservation and cost-effective energy projects are now the reality of any enterprise, because such projects keep production costs down, which is a much-needed condition for industry competitiveness, and invest in generation, which saves natural resources.

Although managing the company’s whole electric mesh, with all its ramifications, can be a complex task, there are punctual actions to be taken that can reduce energy consumption: program the lights to be on only when necessary, turn off machines not being used, cut off engine vibrations, keep room temperature between 71° to 75° Fahrenheit, spot and substitute any equipment working inefficiently, among others

No matter the scenario, the Elipse Software solutions are the answer to making energetic efficiency the reality of your company.




  • Open architecture with over 400 drivers from main vendors, providing integration of different systems and devices, including legacy devices;
  • Support to decision making: allows viewing and operating all systems in a single environment;
  • Flexible development platform for control and automation systems (E3);
  • Powerful platform that works as a fundamental vector in the ongoing search for better quality, fewer costs, and higher operational efficiency (EPM);
  • Mobile platform for operating and visualizing information (Elipse Mobile).

Elipse solutions for energetic efficiency are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions for energetic efficiency

  • Elipse E3 increases Clemar’s solar plants performance

    Elipse Software’s solution helps Clemar to control photovoltaic plants in the South of Brazil and maximize their profits in the investment

    Cliente: Clemar Engenharia Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Decision-making process made easier for Santo Antônio by Elipse Plant Manager

    Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), a platform developed by Elipse Software, centrally manages information on the equipment of Santo Antônio plant, located in Porto Velho, in the Amazon

    Cliente: Santo Antônio Energy Industry: Energy Product: Elipse Plant Manager
  • Petrobras Research Center’s performance improved with Elipse solutions

    Technologies developed by Elipse Software control cooling and power distribution systems at one of the largest oil research centers in the world, Petrobras’s Cenpes

    Cliente: Petrobras Industries: Energy, Infrastructure Products: Elipse Power Industry, Elipse E3, Elipse Power
  • Elipse’s systems used for increasing energetic efficiency at Águas Guariroba

    Elipse E3 and Elipse Mobile are deployed by Águas Guariroba Distribution Company to improve water distribution and waste water treatment in Campo Grande, Midwest Brazil

    Cliente: Águas Guariroba Industry: Water and Wastewater Products: Elipse Mobile, Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 automates Tractebel Photovoltaic Plant

    Elipse Software’s solution contributes to meet Aneel’s Strategic R & D premises to detect the best technologies for photovoltaic energy in Brazil

    Cliente: Tractebel Energy Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 application in Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation power system

    This case presents an E3 application developed to automate substations and other components integrating the power grid of Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation system

    Cliente: SuperVia Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 in Ilha Solteira and Engenheiro Souza Dias Hydroelectric plants (Jupiá)

    This case present’s the application of the Elipse E3 solution to improve the monitoring of the temperature found in the generating units of Ilha Solteira and Engenheiro Souza Dias (Jupiá) plants

    Cliente: CESP Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 optimizes the control of CPFL Power Group’s 17 SHPC

    This case presents the Elipse E3 application devised to control the different steps related to power generation performed by a total of CPFL Power Group's 17 Small Hydro Power Centrals (SHPC)

    Cliente: CPFL Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Engie Brasil’s Jorge Lacerda Complex performance optimized by Elipse E3

    Operation at Complex’s three plants (A, B and C), which are part of Latin America’s largest thermoelectric hub, is now safer, more dynamic, due to the Brazilian software

    Cliente: ENGIE Brasil Energia Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 in the Rio Grande Energia’s (RGE) Operation and Distribution Centers

    This case presents the Elipse solution adopted by RGE to active requirements of performance, safety, reliability, and management of OCC’s and DCC’s

    Clientes: Rio Grande Energy (RGE), CPFL Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3

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