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Elipse Plant Manager is used by Santo Antônio Plant


Santo Antônio hydroelectric power plant is one of the strategic projects of the Brazilian government’s Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), which invested nearly U$ 70 billion in it. The plant started operating partially on March 30, 2012. Its 32 turbines generate nearly 2.286,08 MW, which are distributed via dedicated line to Acre and Rondônia states, and via National Interconnected System (SIN) to the rest of the country. Work on the site is scheduled to be completed in November, 2016; when completed, the plant will operate with 50 turbines, which will generate 3.568 MW to an estimated grand total of 45 million clients.

Santo Antônio plant’s operation relies on a series of activities, among which are the ones associated with operating and maintaining turbines. Since this operational data was not generated centrally, Santo Antônio Energia Operation and Maintenance team (O&M) needed to collect these figures individually to insert them in an Excel spreadsheet, and only after that they would be analyzed. Therefore, these activities were rather costly, which made it more difficult to obtain quick, concise answers on systemic events, such as closing a generator, for example. To help save time and money in these analyses, the company’s O&M team was advised by Automalogica Ltd. to adopt Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), Elipse Software’s real-time data management data.

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Plant’s partial overview

Plant’s partial overview