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Elipse releases version 4.7 of E3

Version 4.7 allows monitoring alarms from several servers on a unified summary

Version 4.7 allows monitoring alarms from several servers on a unified summary

Elipse Software has just released E3 version 4.7. Among the improvements of this new version, there is now a unified Alarm Summary for several servers and a new Alarm Filter object, which allows counting and accessing alarms on a server and on a Viewer. For more flexibility, E3 4.7 allows directly inserting auxiliary tags on Screens as well as Queries on Viewer.

With updated reports, SSL, logs, drivers for licensing devices, memory management, and data compression components, this new version features more robustness and security, features that make it compatible with Windows 10. It is worth noticing that E3 4.7 is already available for download in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Go to the Release Notes in Portuguese, English, or Spanish to check more details about these and other improvements.

To update a pre-existing copy to version 4.7, you will need Elipse Care. For more information, please contact us.

About Elipse E3

Elipse E3 is a complete process supervisory control system, developed to meet the latest requirements of connectivity, flexibility, and reliability, and it is ideal for use in critical systems. Its distributed architecture, with fully transparent network operation, composes a real multi-layer system, offering a platform for quick application development, high communication capacity, and expansion guarantee, thus preserving investments.