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Elipse releases Elipse Power version 4.8

Version 4.8 with new features for wind farms

Version 4.8 with new features for wind farms

Elipse Software is proud to announce version 4.8 of Elipse Power, its modern EMS/ADMS platform applied in operational centers for generation, transmission, and distribution processes. The most significant new feature is the support to wind power generation plants’ modelling and management, which helps to improve their operational efficiency, as well as to lower implementation and maintenance costs. Version 4.8 also allows for the integration between wind, solar, and hydraulic plant devices into a single platform.

The new ADMS module allows synchronizing the schematic views that are generated with basis on the records imported from GIS in order to keep the previous manual adjustments, and this in turn also emphasizes the topological changes in the system. This new feature makes the software easier to maintain, shortens its engineering time, improves its usability, and increases the operational interface reliability.

Another revised feature is the Self-healing module. With it, it’s possible to handle shortage events in substation bars, which has a positive impact in the facility’s continuity indicators. The module’s actions under these circumstances allow for the quickly re-energization of a great number of customers.

For more on these and other features of Elipse Power’s new version, access our website. All Elipse Care subscribers can request their version update. For further information, please contact us.