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Elipse Software develops new driver for Omron


Elipse Software, the global company specialized in solutions for the remote management of processes, has just developed a new communication driver for Omron, the worldwide leader in automation systems. Released in May 2017, the CIP Driver for the Sysmac family allows for easy communication with Omron’s NJ and NX1P control PCUs, due to its tag-based communication in a drag-and-drop integration system.

Bianca Menezes Cerveira, Omron’s product specialist, has emphasized Elipse Software’s prestige and its presence in the market as the key factors for choosing the Brazilian company to develop the new driver.

“Our goal now is to work together with Elipse in projects and opportunities aimed at IT/AT integration,” said Cerveira.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron currently employs over 37 thousahnd collaborators worldwide. With offices in 34 different countries, the company has 161 units providing products and services to fields as diverse as industry, electronics, healthcare, and auto parts. Operating in Brazil since 1979, Omron supplies devices with added value for automation and provides a trained team comprising commercial liaisons and engineers.