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Elipse Alarm Manager optimizes alarm management


The boom in connected devices and the growing amount of information that require real-time monitoring have an unfortunate byproduct: more and more alarms are being created in supervisory systems, which overwhelm operators and increase the likelihood of accidents and of physical, financial, and environmental risks. Currently, alarm management problems are a common issue in facilities and management rooms. This happens because, many times, alarms are indiscriminately created in SCADA systems, abiding to no corporate policies, and operators are often burdened with a large amount of alarms whose levels of urgency are not easily distinguishable from one another.

In order to tackle this situation, Elipse Software has developed a new technology for spotting and fixing such potential problems that can derail entire industrial processes. The Elipse Alarm Manager (EAM) is a platform developed to help manage the alarms’ data mining and research lifecycle, in order to point out what needs to be changed in the alarms’ baseline to get optimal system behavior.

EAM’s analysis report from Jan. 7 to Jun. 7, 2014

EAM’s analysis report from Jan. 7 to Jun. 7, 2014

Its reporting tool allows analyzing the alarms’ key performance indicators over time, such as how many alarms are being generated per day or per hour in the system as a whole or in certain areas of the process, and then determine whether operators are being overloaded with alarms at any given period. Its report data analyses can help spot which devices are faulty or poorly set up, and which ones need to adequate to changes in the process.

With the new EAM search criteria tool, you can browse multiple Elipse domains at once in a concise interface, designed to make you focus only on significant information for your process. The platform’s latest version has been totally redesigned to work in all main browsers in the market and fit all screen sizes, from smartphones to smart TVs. Additionally, its modern, high-performance interface can generate reports ten times faster in a productive environment.

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