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Elipse Mobile applied to Aeromovel in Porto Alegre


Operational since last August, Aeromovel has been used as the newest public transportation mode in Porto Alegre’s metropolitan region. Capable of carrying up to 150 passengers, on a track with approximately 800 meters, this vehicle connects Salgado Filho Airport’s Terminal 1 to Trensurb’s train station.

Elipse Mobile allows operators, regardless of their location, to monitor Aeromovel’s functionality. The goal was to improve access to information and commands of Elipse E3, a software also developed by Elipse.

Thanks to Elipse Mobile, it is possible to follow all variables monitored by E3 (speed, brakes, voltage, position, and opening or closing vehicle’s doors). All these operations using a tablet or a smartphone in a quick, easy, and secure way.

“It is very easy to use. We all can use it normally, without problems,” said Fernando de Melo Nunes, operational assistant at Trensurb.

Nunes monitoring pressure on brake’s hydraulic system of Aeromovel using his cell phone via Elipse Mobile

According to him, Elipse Mobile improved the reality prior to its usage. What sometimes demanded moving operation and maintenance teams now is performed in a fast and precise way, a benefit emphasized by Nunes.

“Previously, if I was on Aeromovel and wanted to get more details about vehicle’s position or simply open or close its doors, this kind of operation was not possible. With Elipse Mobile, now I have quick access to all data and commands via cell phone,” he said.

Nunes monitoring Aeromovel’s functionality via Elipse Mobile

Possibility of operating the automation system, with access to vehicle’s variables regardless of its location. That was the answer of Aeromovel’s operational manager, Marco Antônio Casara, when questioned about what was the main improvement to his work and to the work of the other 14 colleagues authorized to use Elipse Mobile on their cell phones.

“This software perfectly fits the goal of the vehicle’s automation system. The idea, now, is install it on A200 (the newest vehicle capable of transporting up to 300 passengers),” he revealed.

Aeromovel A200

Aeromovel A200


Pioneer project in Brazil, with national technology and managed by Aeromovel Inc., this vehicle operates seven days a week, from 5AM to 11:20PM. Currently, its ticket is integrated to train ticket and costs R$ 1.70. About R$ 37.8 million were invested by the federal government to finish this project, from automation to mechanical and functional parts of the newest transportation system in Porto Alegre. It is important to notice that, as this vehicle moves using an air propulsion system, there is no emission of pollutants to the atmosphere.

About Elipse Software

National leader in software solutions for management of processes and recently named by Gartner as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil and Asia, Elipse is a company with 28 years of expertise in the automation market. Headquartered in Porto Alegre, it also counts on four other branches, located in São Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro. For the external market, it has an office in Taiwan and business partners in the USA, Germany, India, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, and Chile, among others. Today, Elipse has thousands of copies installed around the world, which evidences the high quality and performance of its products.