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Elipse’s new forum


Elipse Software has just changed the interface of its online tool for discussions and knowledge exchange about its products and news. With a modern visual, the forum displays eight categories: Meta (posts pertaining the forum), Elipse E3, Elipse Mobile, Elipse SCADA, Elipse Power, Elipse Plant Manager, and Drivers. So, if a user wants to discuss Elipse Mobile, for example, they can go to a specific page, restricted to discussions about this software.

New forum’s homepage

New forum’s homepage

Therefore, the forum provides information in an organized way, not allowing comments about E3 to be published alongside the posts discussing Drivers, for example, which then centralizes all discussions. To keep a user posted with no need to being logged in, this tool also notifies them, via e-mail, when any answer to their comment is published, or even when their username is simply mentioned on a thread.

Finally, the forum also has two tabs that allow accessing the latest publications (Latest) or the ones with more views (Top). For more information, please go to