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Elipse attends ARC Advisory Group’s event


Which strategies can companies adopt to stay current with new technologies and market trends, while taking advantage of these solutions and prioritizing their investments wisely? To answer this question and others, Elipse Software attended the XVIII Annual ARC Industry Forum, held on February 10-13 in Orlando, Florida (USA).

Participants attending one of the event’s sessions

In its 18th edition, the meeting brought together over 700 participants, representing about 300 companies from 30 different countries. Among them, Gustavo Salomão and Marcelo Salvador, Elipse’s manager and business director respectively, who attended it aiming at improving their knowledge of the market trends and of automation, control, and management technologies.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Simulation, and EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) were the main topics discussed at the ARC Forum sessions, which were highly praised by Salomão and Salvador, who were quite happy with everything they could learn throughout the event.

“The ARC Forum proved to be a unique event for allowing us to enhance our knowledge about the needs and desires of the leading global processes and manufacturing companies,” Salvador said.

Gustavo Salomão and Marcelo Salvador

ARC Advisory Group

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group specializes in conducting research and consulting for different areas, including automation. A world reference in this area, the company provides technology assessment services, which are setting new trends regarding products and systems development. With their work, ARC intends to help companies find the best answers and ways to succeed in their business.