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Elipse is Gartner Cool Vendor in Asia/Pacific


Elipse Software is one of the companies included in the Cool Vendors in Asia/Pacific report. This list includes, yearly, the most innovative and interesting solution providers in Asia and Pacific region markets. It is worth noticing that, about a month ago, the company was already named as one of the five Brazilian Cool Vendors. Achievements that were celebrated by all Elipse employees in Brazil, as well as in Taiwan, where one of its branches is located.

“Six years ago, when we first established Elipse Software Taiwan, only a few Asian customers had heard about us. Today, that changed completely. Elipse is well-known for its continuous innovative technology that provides valuable solutions to all industry sectors in Asia. We have also developed partnerships all over Asian countries to form a strong networking. We deserve it, the Cool Vendor title”, said Evan Liu, Elipse’s branch manager in Taiwan.

With a 28-year experience in the automation market, Elipse Software is one of the few companies that can develop integrated solutions for supervisory control and data acquisition alongside real-time information management, related to several different processes (chemical, industrial, steel, smart grids, etc.). Recently, the company has also launched a platform focused on mobile devices, through which it is possible to monitor and interact with these same processes via a smartphone or tablet.

With five offices in Brazil (in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro), Elipse solutions are used by numerous companies to help control their operations, such as Samarco, Elektro, Brookfield Energy, and CPFL. To serve the foreign market, the company also has an office based in Taiwan, and distributors in countries such as the USA, Germany, India, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, and Chile.

Featuring thousands of installed copies worldwide, Elipse Software offers open, flexible, and cost-effective platforms for real-time monitoring and management, combining analysis and mobile capacity while allowing customers to leverage their existing hardware and software assets. All these factors helped make Elipse one of the five “Cool Vendors” in Asia in 2014.

How to be a Gartner Cool Vendor?

The Gartner Cool Vendors list does not aim at listing a slew of vendors, but rather at highlighting only the companies able to offer innovative, interesting products and services .To be selected as a Cool Vendor, Elipse Software had to undergo a detailed assessment focused on the following three points:

1º) Innovation: providing innovative technologies that enable their users to perform tasks that were previously impossible to be performed;

2º) Impact: developing solutions whose sales can affect positively in their business;

3º) Interest: attracting Gartner’s attention and curiosity over the last semester.

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